About Hendrix


Hendrix is a manufacturer of aerial spacer cable systems, molded polymer insulators and vise top insulators and TR-XLPE insulated, medium voltage power cable rated 15kV to 35kV.


Bill Hendrix founded Hendrix Wire & Cable, Inc. in 1951. His mission was to manufacture and market an overhead electrical distribution system (Aerial Spacer Cable) he invented. The first products produced by Hendrix were patented overhead spacers and polymer insulators. The system solved the reliability problems that local utilities were experiencing. The Aerial Spacer Cable greatly reduced power outages caused by various elements in the environment. Other benefits that soon became apparent included less frequent tree trimming, reduced right of way concerns, ease of operation in contaminated environments, and the ability to span cable over a long distance. These factors contributed to overall lower operating costs for the utility.

Hendrix Molded Products Division began with the development of HPI Tie Top insulators in the mid 1960’s giving Hendrix almost 50 years of field experience making polymer insulators. In the mid 1970’s, Hendrix developed and produced the first Vise Top Insulators, where a conductor clamping mechanism was built into the top of the insulator. In 2012 Hendrix introduced its Line Post Insulator product line to the market.

In 1967 Hendrix expanded his product line by entering the underground cable market. Hendrix has been a leader in promoting electrical test requirements in the cable industry and in other quality advancements such as clean room technology to eliminate contamination in cable insulation. Hendrix has built a reputation for high quality cable, short, consistent lead-times and responsive customer service.

Our products are operating world-wide. They have endured extreme environment condition, from the tropical rain forests of Brazil to the snow covered mountains of Antarctica. Hendrix is ISO 9001 certified and continues to make quality, service and reliability the centerpiece of the Hendrix philosophy.


Hendrix is located in a 250,000 square foot facility in Milford, New Hampshire. Hendrix fabricates bare aluminum and copper conductors for the manufacture of utility power cables. True-triple, gas-cure primary extrusion lines are fully supported by neutral and jacketing machines. Electrical and physical test facilities are capable of performing all standard industry tests and Hendrix’ own internal quality tests. An analysis lab handles qualification testing, compound development and failure analysis for customers. At Hendrix’ recently opened Molded Products production facility in nearby Amherst, New Hampshire injection molding presses produce high quality Molded polymer insulators, both tie top and vise top plus aerial spacer cable components.


Hendrix is part of Marmon Utility. Marmon Utility LLC is a member company of the Marmon Group. The Marmon Group, part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, is a global, diversified industrial organization. Marmon comprises three autonomous companies consisting of 11 diverse, stand-alone business sectors and approximately 160 independent manufacturing and service businesses worldwide.