The proven solution for unreliable circuits

Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems (ACS) is the Inventor, Innovator and Leader in Aerial Cable Systems since 1951 offering complete circuit design, kitting, installation and service solutions that deliver value immediately - through reduced outages, limited environmental impact and maintenance, lower labor costs, and economic use of internal resources. It is the way to achieve the lowest total cost.

Accelerate the process

Hendrix ACS puts capabilities in the field that increase the speed to design. We have the technology to capture and analyze all the data related to a problem and specify a solution with zero delay. Then we orchestrate the people, products and equipment to deliver a precise, seamless solution.

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Hendrix products

Hendrix cable is the most reliable in the field. Nothing outlives or outperforms it. Our ACS components also include a wide range of products – including the Hendrix spacer cable system and all hardware and accessories – that are stronger, and easier to install than traditional systems.

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ACS mobile apps

Hendrix ACS works the way our customers do – fully connected and fully informed. Here are the specialized apps we’ve built for communication, data access, and effective connection to the field through mobile devices.

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Hendrix. Let us handle it.

We are the storm-hardening aerial cable experts. So whenever you face a distribution performance challenge, start with a conversation with Hendrix. We will share information. We will provide the answers you need. And we will maximize system performance at the lowest total cost possible.